Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. We are committed to continuing working towards increased sustainability and safety.


Toyo Ink always finds ways to improve the lives of its customers, employees, and communities by instilling eco-friendly practices into everything we do. We are driven by an ethic of responsible planning and efficient management of resources. Being green is part of Toyo Ink core mission. When it comes to how we conduct our business and develop our products, we take the long view. We ask: How will and what we do today impact our world of tomorrow? How can we design our products and optimize our business processes to protect and sustain our mother nature?

We are proud to be an industry leader in promoting eco-friendly inks. Striving to protect and sustain our environment is a given at every stage of our product lifecycles, from development and production to customer use and disposal.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

As an artience group company, Toyo Ink India believes in the concept of collaborative thinking, thinking for others, and thinking for the environment as the core principles of its corporate social responsibility.

Our activities in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR) focus on disadvantaged sections of society. The spectrum ranges from teaching lessons on the environment, conducting safety week sessions, training and support for students, employees to providing financial support to employees, people affected due to natural calamities and accidents.

Toyo Ink India provides its customers with safe ink solutions. We are committed to full compliance with the EuPIA guidelines and adhere to the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) recommendations. artience Ltd., the parent company of Japan's artience, recently reported that its 2018 CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) study was awarded at the 4th Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards for reporting excellence (ASRA). artience is proud to receive two Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards in their first year participating in the prestigious ASRA competition.

This is the second award in recent months of the Group's 2018 CSR survey. In February -2018, at the 22nd Environmental Communication Awards, an awards competition funded by Japan's Ministry of the Environment and the Global Environment Forum, it won the Excellence Award in the Environmental Reporting category.

Some of the CSR activities synopsis of Toyo Ink India in India includes-

At Toyo Ink India we firmly believe in striving to create an environment that accepts varied perspectives and encourages active discussion as part of our CSR objectives.