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Since 1896, TOYO INK has built up a legacy of printing ink excellence. Today, it is the third largest manufacturer of ink and a leading producer of pigments, polymer chemicals and graphic arts Manufacturer.

Position Brand Relationship Manager
Location Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Bangalore or any other Metro Cities
Vacancy 1
Education B. Tech / M. Tech in Chemical / Bachelors / Master’s Degree in Chemistry
Experience From 5 to 10 years of experience at any of the Brand Owners or Packaging Houses
Job Summary 1. Direct Product Development with Brand Owners (BOs): Relationship Manager
- Develop and maintain strong relationships with Brand Owners to understand their specific requirements for offset ink, liquid in, plastic colorants & TIID Products
- Coordinate with the R&D/ Technical team to develop innovative solutions that meet the BOs' needs and exceed their expectations.
- Provide technical expertise and guidance to the BOs during the product development process.
2. Representation in Industry Conferences: Relationship Manager
- Act as the representative of the company in various industry conferences and trade shows to TIID Products.
- Network with industry professionals and BOs to establish and expand business relationships.
- Stay updated on the latest industry trends, market demands, and competitive landscape.
- Prepare and deliver sales presentations, proposals and contracts to BOs, highlighting the company's strengths and unique selling points.
3. Roadmap Development: Strategic planning, market analysis and long-term business development Manager
- Develop a comprehensive roadmap for the business unit considering the industry trends, BOs' requirements, and market demands.
- Create a 5-year and 10-year plan that outlines the strategic direction and growth objectives for the company.
- Conduct market research and analysis to identify emerging opportunities and potential risks.
4. Guiding R&D/Technical on BOs' Problem Statements: Product Development / Technical Manager
- Communicate and collaborate with the R&D/Technical team to understand the problem statements raised by the BOs.
- Guide the R&D/Technical team in developing solutions and innovations that address the specific challenges faced by the BOs.
5. Technical Innovation and Problem-Solving:
- Collaborate closely with the R&D/Technical team to identify technical challenges faced by Brand Owners and provide guidance on developing innovative solutions.
- Utilize technical expertise to troubleshoot issues and propose effective problem-solving strategies during the product development process.
6. Customized Product Development:
- Work closely with Brand Owners to gather detailed specifications and requirements for customized product development projects.
- Translate customer needs into actionable product design and development plans, ensuring that final products meet or exceed customer expectations in terms of quality, performance, and functionality.
Skills - Strong Technical background in Ink Packaging Industry, enabling a strong understanding of the products and their applications.
- Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and CRM software.
- Excellent Presentation skills with the ability to capture attention and effectively communicate complex ideas and concepts.
- Willingness to travel extensively for client meetings and industry events.
- Ability to compile and present reports in a clear and concise manner, making complex information understandable for decision-making.
- Strong project management and planning skills to effectively manage multiple projects and meet deadlines.
- Exceptional interpersonal and relationship-building skills, with the ability to establish and maintain strong partnerships with brand owners.
- Ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams and effectively lead and motivate others towards achieving business objectives.
- Strong analytical and problem-solving skills with the ability to identify new business opportunities and drive innovative solutions.
- Flexibility and adaptability to quickly respond to changing industry trends and market demands.
Salary 25-30 Lacs

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