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Since 1896, TOYO INK has built up a legacy of printing ink excellence. Today, it is the third largest manufacturer of ink and a leading producer of pigments, polymer chemicals and graphic arts Manufacturer.

Position Executive / Sr. Executive – Pressure sensitive adhesive R&D
Location Dahej
Qualification MSc Chemistry / MSc Polymer Chemistry / MTech Polymer
Experience 3-6 Years
Salary6-8 LPA
Job Summary 1. Support the R&D activities for the Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) development in polymer factory.
2. Lab scale synthesis of Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) and Polyurethane (PU) binders.
3. Laboratory tests and analysis of PSA materials.
4. Documentation of test results as per ISO requirements.
5. Interface Toll manufacturing.
Skills 1. Polymer synthesis.
2. Solution polymerization technology.
3. Emulsion polymerization technology.
4. Acrylic polymer synthesis.
5. Polyurethane synthesis.
6. Hands-on experience in laboratory instruments such as- Universal testing machine, FTIR, Gas chromatography, Gel permeation chromatography, moisture meter etc..
7. Knowledge on PSA coating processes and viscoelastic properties of polymers .
Position Executive – QC – Polymer Factory
Location Dahej
Qualification B.Sc./M.Sc. chemistry
Experience 3-5 Years
Salary4-6 LPA
Job Summary 1. Responsible for ensuring quality of raw materials .
2. Responsible for ensuring quality of packaging material .
3. Responsible for ensuring quality of in-process samples .
4. Responsible for ensuring quality of finished products .
5. Daily communication with plants regarding the analysis .
6. Maintain the Stock of Laboratory Chemicals & Glass-wares .
7. Maintain all documents related to Lab and different quality records .
8. Maintain Safety & Good House-keeping in Laboratory .
9. Provide COA for dispatch of finish material .
10. Maintain analysis record on daily basis in given formats .
11. Analysis of plant samples on time as per Quality Plan .
12. Preservations of Counter samples of Finish products dispatched to Customers .
13. Documentation, by proper data entry of process data, compilation, interpreting with process, discussing with HOD regarding matter .
14. Knowledge of ISO and documentation .
Skills 1. Fluency in English
2. SAP
Position Operator – Production – Polymer Factory
Location Dahej
Qualification I.T.I - AOCP
Experience 2-3 years in Polymer industry / Chemical industry
Salary3-4 LPA
Job Summary 1. Handle Daily production planning activity.
2. Good communication skill.
3. He should know read write English.
4. Before starting batch checks all raw material availability.
5. Ensure safety in the plant by using proper PPE΄S to minimize zero incident.
6. Proper utilization of man power, machine, material and methods.
7. To give proper training to the subordinate for improving process, safety, 5S, and kaizen activity.
8. Raw material finish product packing material inventory.
9. Achieving the production target as per set by shift in charge.
10. To give proper training of off roll employees for improving safety, housekeeping activity.
11. Actively participate in company organized activities.
12. Ensure final product meets quality standards specifications.
13. Observing the process with respect to SOP to check any abnormality.
14. Observing the reasons for lag in productivity and taking corrective actions after discussing same to the superior.
15. Negotiating with batch cycle to increasing productivity.
Position Engineer- Production- Polymer Factory
Location Dahej
Qualification BE/B.Tech Chemical
Experience 3-4 Years
Salary4-6 LPA
Job Summary Execution of Planned Activities:
1. Collaborate with production teams for cost-effective, high-quality, and timely product delivery.
2. Work with managers to analyze job orders and develop production tasks and schedules.
3. Recommend workflow, operations, and equipment changes to maximize efficiency.
4. Ensure the final product meets quality standards and customer specifications.
5. Investigate problems, analyze root causes, and find resolutions.
6. Plan and assign daily job duties to workers.
7. Plan for the raw materials required for the process.
8. Handle production planning and troubleshooting.
9. Maintain process parameters and control reactions.
10. Stabilize processes, fix parameters, and determine input quantities. 11. Coordinate with the In-charge for daily production planning and prioritize activities according to needs (urgency or raw material shortages).
Maintaining a Focused Approach Towards Productivity:
12. Observe the process with respect to SOPs to check for abnormalities.
13. Identify reasons for productivity lags and take corrective actions after discussion with superiors.
14. Negotiate batch cycles to increase productivity.
Data Preparation:
15. Update the process time for each activity in an Excel sheet to conduct process time analysis.
16. Ensure proper documentation through accurate data entry, compilation, and interpretation, and discuss findings with the HOD.
Handling and Providing Training to Subordinates:
17. Provide on-the-job training related to grinding processes as needed to subordinates and new joiners.
18. Address grievances of subordinates related to work processes.
Safety Points:
19. Use PPEs.
20. Connect earthing clamps while charging for safety reasons.
21. Establish and enforce company policies and safety procedures for staff.
Skills 1. Fluency in English
2. SAP

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