Toyo Ink India Private Limited

At Toyo Ink India, an artience group company, we are continuously contributing to create a sustainable society. Since our inception, we have developed a formidable foundation in leading-edge, proprietary technologies through our sincere and humble efforts. Our array of assets have enabled us to create groundbreaking products and services. Together as a team, we endeavor to be a company that contributes to the enrichment of life and culture throughout the world.


We always ensure environmental responsibility in our products, services, and corporate activities. Research and Development plays a crucial role in creating change by providing customers with value only possible from Toyo. We are now transforming from a “company that responds to expected changes” to “one that creates change.” We always strive to undertake robust new business development that enhances the quality of life and generate sustained growth in all parts of our businesses.

Management Team

Mr. Naotoshi Nakamura – Chairman & Managing Director
Mr. Takaya Kubota – Director
Mr. Eisei Aihara – Director
Mr. Hiroshi Sekine – Non Executive Director
Mr. Katsuya Saso - Non-Executive Director
Mr. Prashant Atre – Non Executive Director

Composition of CSR Committee

Mr. Naotoshi Nakamura – Member
Mr. Takaya Kubota - Member

Ink Manufacturer of India

A leading manufacturer of inks and allied products that cater varied and customized requirements of our customers.

Our Mission

To generate sustainable corporate and employee values through its high quality – competitive pricing and performance, creating superior customer service relationships, and encouraging employees to constantly achieve the highest standards of performance.

Our Vision

Customer satisfaction through superior performance and quality built on excellence. Ethics/Integrity to be open to values of integrity and ethics. Relying on communication channels to build healthy and vibrant teamwork.

Our Values

To be the most prudent, focused, and ethical company in the world of printing inks and to maximize customer satisfaction by understanding customer needs with customers as partners and innovation as our driver.

Beyond Inks

Toyo Inks have become a trustworthy name in the market, owing to the collective efforts of its professionals and state-of-the-art infrastructure and manufacturing facilities.


As a manufacturer of high-quality printing inks, Toyo Ink India, an artience group company, is playing a leading role in creating solutions that meet the demands of discerning packaging printers - special inks for food packaging, Pharmaceutical Packaging, and low odor inks. Our ongoing research and development activities ensure that our products are continually up-to-date. Toyo Ink India provides a range of inks and products for the printing fraternity, which has built a record of product excellence. Manufacturing and supplying quality products on time is the result of an equilibrium between our employees, processes, and technology that we maintain.

Being a 100% subsidiary of artience Japan, we use world-class Japanese technology to deliver best-in-class products. Together we create strategies to transform the value of your business like never before. Ink is in our roots but we didn’t stop there, we're continuously exploring new paths and developing innovative solutions for the printing, packaging, plastic colorants and adhesive segment. Together as a team, we will continue to create new value, striving to fulfill the NEVER STOP ideal in our constant pursuit of excellence and innovation.

Quality Policy

Quality is of paramount importance for Toyo Ink India, an artience group company, in conjunction with all other responsibilities.


Quality is at the heart of everything we do. We continuously test our products from stem to stern, putting them through an arduous protocol to ensure they comply with the highest quality standards.

We are committed to delivering quality products and services for the millions of customers around the world who choose us to be part of their daily life. We at Toyo Ink India adhere to artience quality processes and standards.

For us, quality standards are about meeting our customers’ wishes, the interests of our employees, complying with laws and regulations, and concern for the environment. And we are always working towards improving the already high safety and environmental standards of our products and processes.

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Message From Chairman


Since its inception, artience has become one of the largest ink and specialty chemical manufacturers in the world, and we here at Toyo Ink India aspire to bring the same level of technological advancements and innovations to the Indian marketplace. Our commitment towards quality remains firm to this day and is also the reason why customers prefer Toyo Ink for all their printing and packaging requirements.

Products ranging from adhesives, pigments, resins to inks, plastic colorants and packaging printing & coating, that are a part of people’s daily lives go through intense testing and research to make sure the user experience remains flawless. Toyo Ink also places a strong emphasis on environmental protection and sustainability. Checks and balances are placed at every crucial stage of production which not only guarantees a higher quality but also ensures our unwavering commitment towards reducing carbon footprint.

We will continue to service India and its surrounding markets and will evolve ourselves in a bigger way to set new standards and benchmarks in the industry.


With increasingly strict and variable regulations, we are always in alignment with the stringent regional and global regulatory and compliance requirements.


We, Toyo Ink India (a member of artience group) are committed to complying with all Applicable Laws and Regulations of Land. We implement or promote various measures to raise awareness of compliance and strengthens compliance activities among our employees.
Stay complied, stay protected!!


Extract of Annual Return

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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CSR Policy)